MU Legend Launches Black Phantom Class with Gates of Glory Expansion

MU Legend launched its latest expansion today titled Gates of Glory which introduced the game's 6th playable class: the Black Phantom, which is a female mage. The update also increased the game's level cap to 80.

Gates of Glory Key Features:

  • New playable class: Black Phantom
  • Increased level cap to 80
  • New areas in Noria and Litenberg
  • New Dungeons: Tower of Dawn, Ancient Kanturian Ark, and Sleighbowa
  • New Rebirth system
  • Ancient Tier 5 Wings
  • Level 80 unique weapons
  • Balances changes for all classes
  • Lowered dungeon difficulty barriers

Mu Legend is a hack n slash MMORPG with an isometric camera angle similar to games like Path of Exile and Diablo.

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