Mu Legend Launching Faction Wars Update on January 9th

Webzen announced today that they will be launching the Faction Wars update for Mu Legend on the game's global servers on January 9th, 2018. The update will introduce a new territory control system through a guild based PvP system. The launch of the Faction War update will also mark the end of the game's open beta and its launch into full release.

The Faction War is a massive and unique feature that is quite different to the sieges that you may have experienced in other online games. MU Legend is a hack-and-slash game, which is usually not associated with massive battles with large groups of players. One of the main goals during its development was to allow as many characters as possible to access all content without any hassle and achieve a sense of fulfillment as they progress through the game. While working towards this, we discovered it was quite challenging for us to come up with a large-scale PvP feature that suits the game.

We tackled the challenge by reinterpreting a classic narrative of cooperation and conflict among multiple characters, often expressed through the "siege war" content in other games, into our own unique content that is consistent with the features of MU Legend.

Our goal was clear: to attract as many guardians as possible, to find a way for non-PvP players to have a role to play in their guilds, and to spark conflicts among guardians in a fun and engaging way!

Faction Wars take place on The Frontier, the land below the floating continent of Mu, where guilds will fight for control over valuable resources.

Learn more about how Faction War works on the Mu Legend site.