Mu Legend Open Beta Live Now!

Open beta for Webzen's free to play isometric action MMORPG Mu Legend officially began today. As with almost every open beta, there won't be any more character wipes going forward. While the game is in open beta now, Webzen has already indicated that they're working to add more content to the game. As is players on the global version of Mu Legend can play as 4 classes - The Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage. The South Korean version of the game already has a fifth class called the "Emphasizer" (odd name), which should hopefully be launching on the global version soon.

The game is off to a remarkable start with every single one of the game's 3 servers packed. It took me 27 minutes to log in thanks to a 1600 person queue a day after it officially entered open beta.

Check out the game's new open beta trailer below:

Mu Legend plays a bit like Path of Exile and Diablo 3, except it features a persistent world and more MMORPG elements. I'm actually a bit excited for this one as I had fun playing it during the closed beta. While it's not exactly a revolutionary title, it's a solid isometric MMORPG. Plus it's a tad bit like Lineage Eternal and Lost Ark and may attract some of the people hyped for those games.

  • Zariarn

    Heads up! There's que lines.

    • Tony

      ah man

  • geonneo neo

    they shouldnt make founders wait in line....

  • Yea Right

    Played it a bit last night, at 3 PM CST US time currently there is a 10 minute wait to get on the server, with over 600 people ahead of me. Nice to see that it's populated. Very fun game thus far.

  • Tony C

    Kinda like mobile MMO which i can Auto-move to every quest and clear.
    Nothing much to do just grind quest all longs and mindlessly keep tracking quest by the Auto-move till you reach the mission dungeon with some party which clear it effortlessly.
    Carry-on the Auto-move the tracking quest and do Point A to get Point B.
    Seriously this not the old days "Mu online" which all of my friends felt, not because there is nothing NEW launching in MMO world and the "Starting" Crowded population, we wont even bother about it.

  • hermond

    Very nice game, I played the CB before, and not much has changed since then.
    I could create a character without any wait on Server 3, they have 4 servers in Europe and the first 2 were totally full and with wait times, but the other 2 were "orange", so crowded but with some open spaces. I Haven't noticed any lag or anything like that, may be a little bit of lag at the main town, but nothing extreme, very good news for a crowded server, there were many players running around everywhere.