MU Legend Teases CBT2 With A Very Short Trailer


Ahead of MU Legend's second closed beta test Webzen has released a very short teaser clip, that you can see below.

It's a rather odd clip, like the editor dragged whatever elements he had available and spliced them into a 26 second clip. We see the CGI character classes walking away from us, a brief moment of gameplay, and then right back to cinematic flash. I guess I'm hyped?

If you played CBT1 your character's progress will carry over to CBT2, letting players who previously played explore higher-level content.

Here at we recorded a Sunday Funday for MU Legend during CBT1 and genuinely had fun. The most glaring issue was optimization which will hopefully be rectified for this second test.

MU Legend's CBT2 begins on February 21st, and you will need a key to participate.