My.Games’ World War 3 Tactical Shooter Starts Closed Beta Tomorrow

world war 3 soldiers key art banner

World War 3, My.Games and The Farm 51’s new online tactical first-person shooter, will be entering closed beta starting tomorrow with reworked maps, gunplay, and character animations. The closed beta will run until March 2022 when the game transitions to open beta and a free-to-play business model.

“World War 3 aims to offer a fully authentic tactical experience evocative of real warfare while still being accessible. The game features weapons closely modelled on the real weapons in use by real militaries around the world. Realistic gameplay features like ballistics, physics, and full body awareness combine to create a truly authentic and immersive modern combat experience. Additionally, players engage in team-based skirmishes in maps closely based on their real-world locations in Berlin, Warsaw, Polyarny, and Moscow.”

The upcoming CBT will be open to all players who pre-purchased the game before October 4, 2021. All pre-purchases will also come with a Lieutenant Pack and an exclusive item pack worth $49.99. Eligible players can claim the packs on the World War 3 official site.

World War 3 | Closed Beta Packs Trailer