NCSoft Officially Announces Aion And Blade And Soul Mobile Sequels

blade and soul top 2NCSoft has just dropped a number of major announcements at a press event in South Korea one week ahead of the annual G-Star convention. These announcements probably won’t come as a surprise to fans of the studio and their games, especially for Aion and Blade and Soul fans who’ve probably guessed that sequels to their beloved games were in the works based on published investor reports.

By this time, you’ve probably already guessed what the announcements were. Yes, that’s right. According to MMO Culture, NCSoft has officially confirmed that they will be releasing sequels to Aion and Blade and Soul. The upcoming sequels will be released on mobile which seems like a good choice for NCSoft considering how their PC sales dropped this year.

Aion 2 is a mobile MMORPG and will be a prequel to the first Aion game. The game will feature what seems like an open-skill system, gliding, and mass PvP. Blade and Soul, on the other hand, will have three mobile successors. First is Blade and Soul M, a mobile port of the PC game. Next is Blade and Soul 2 which will feature new characters, new zones, improved combat mechanics, and ecosystem-driven AI. And finally, Blade and Soul S a chibi-style prequel to the original game which will feature open world hero collection mechanics.

There’s also another Lineage mobile game on the way. Lineage 2M is basically a mobile reboot of the PC game featuring the original 31 classes, a seamless open world, raid bosses, RvR battles, and more.

You can check out the new trailers for the above-mentioned games right after the jump.