Netmarble Strives For Work-Life Balance After Being Called Out For Employee Deaths

netmarble logoWorking an employee to death doesn’t really sit well with the public, or the government for that matter. Last year, a Netmarble employee died of a heart disease in his 20’s. According to the Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service, the disease was caused by “irregular night-time work and excess duty in the 12 weeks before he developed the symptoms.” The agency also noted that, “the employee had worked 89 hours a week in seven weeks prior to developing symptoms.”

This prompted South Korean authorities, including the Justice Department and the Ministry of Employment and Labor, to bring the full might of their agencies on NetMarble, pressuring the South Korean developer to put an end to overworking and be more forthcoming about how they handle overtime.

According to MMO Culture, NetMarble has finally come up with a plan to limit overworking and is now actively promoting work-life balance. As part of the new “Selective Working Time System” employees will only be required to work eight-hour shifts including a one-hour lunch break while pregnant employees will only be required to work 30 hours a week. All employees are prohibited from working between 10PM and 8AM unless approved in advance.

Netmarble recently appointed Park Sean as the new CEO in February. The studio is also preparing to launch Update 2.0 for the mobile MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution. You can check out a preview of the update after the jump.