Netmarble To Unveil Two New Games At G-Star 2016


Netmarble's G-Star 2016 lineup has been announced. The company will be showcasing its upcoming Lineage 2 mobile title, Lineage 2: Revolution, the recently-released mobile game Seven Knights, and another mobile game called Modoo Marble.

Netmarble will also be bringing two new, unannounced games. One of the teasers simply features text stating that the game is an "ambitious new work" by Netmarble over an image that appears to be two anime-styled characters around a glowing orb of some sort. The other makes a vague statement about "meeting the universe"—according to Google Translate—with an image of space behind it.

Based on the titles in their lineup that we do know about, it seems safe to assume that both unannounced titles will be mobile games, but we will have to wait until G-Star to find out more. For those interested, G-Star will be streamed live on Twitch from November 17th to November 20th.

Thanks to WatchGintama for the tip!