Neverwinter Announces Latest Update "Uprising" - Adds New Gith Race, Launches Aug 13

Neverwinter announced its seventeenth module (update) today titled 'Uprising' which is set to launch on August 13 on PC and includes the new playable Gith race. Besides the new race, Uprising features a new 10 player endgame dungeon, changes to several zones, new story content, a new PvP map, new gear, an overhaul of the fashion system, and more.

The conflict between the Illithid and the Gith erupts within the caverns of Undermountain, offering players the unique opportunity to challenge Halaster Blackcloak in an endgame, 10-player trail when he emerges to deal with these threats to his realm. Adventurers’ extended stay in Undermountain was very prosperous for Protector’s Enclave, leading to renovations across the city. Users setting forth into Protector’s Enclave and beyond will also find an updated Early Game experience - with adjustments made to several zones and stories. Following the class optimizations in Undermountain, players can look forward to an all-new PvP map and gear to earn. Finally, a Fashion system overhaul will keep adventurers looking their best, and an additional ‘Tales of Old’ event will revive more dungeons from the past- giving players more dungeons than before - binding form and function.