Neverwinter Avernus Launches 2nd Episode of 'The Redeemed Citadel'

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The second part of the episodic content for Neverwinter: Avernus titled 'The Redeemed Citadel' launched today on the PC and is launching on Xbox and and PS4 in the coming weeks.

New content added since the launch of the first episode includes:

  • New Chamber - The War Room
  • A new chamber in the citadel that offers challenging and deadly new quests and is filled with Zariel’s lieutenants
  • New Heroic Encounter - Devil Assault
  • A new Heroic Encounter where the infernal legions attempt to take back the Redeemed Citadel
  • The Scathing Light Artifact
  • A powerful leaderboard reward, the Scathing Light allows players to wield the power of a spell unique to Zariel
  • Normal Version of the Zariel Challenge Trial
  • Players can now challenge Zariel herself in a normal version of the Difficult Trial to test their mettle and help train for the Master Trial Zariel Challenge
  • The Trial will become available when the milestone for Episode 2 is completed
  • New Mythic Quality Mount Upgrades
  • Players will be able to upgrade their mounts from Common quality to Mythic quality
  • Upgrading a mount to mythic quality will improve the mount’s overall power and available insignia slots
  • New Hunt Marks to slay deadly devils and demons for rewards
  • Blessed Weapons available from the Zariel’s favor vendor

Check out the trailer below:

The Redeemed Citadel - Episode 1 Official Launch Trailer

This isn't exactly a huge update, but the goal with these episodic updates is to introduce smaller updates more frequently.

Neverwinter currently averages 1,782 players online at any given time on Steam.

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