Neverwinter Brings Old Campaigns Back To Life With The New Challenge Campaign System

neverwinter archer challenge systemPerfect World Entertainment is breathing new life into five-year old Neverwinter with the introduction of the game’s new Challenge Campaign system. Maybe “reviving” might be a better term as the new system takes old forgotten areas and dungeons and brings them back into the spotlight with promises of rewards. Lead Sytems Designer Jared Sears explains in a recent developer blog.

“When a campaign is older, the rewards aren’t as interesting to endgame players who have kept up with the game. This also leads to campaign zones being trivial for well geared players but at times too hard for newer progressing players.

With so much great content tied into these campaigns, we wanted to look at ways to improve the experience and make campaigns more balanced and more rewarding to all players involved.”

As part of the new system, older campaigns that are not leveling zones will be moved to a group called Challenge Campaigns. Endgame players needn’t worry about these old zones and campaigns being a walk in the park because the difficulty will automatically scale to provide a “consistent challenge”. Three weekly quests will also be available from the Protector’s Enclave that will point adventurers to these older campaigns.

Completing these weekly quests will reward players with currency for the given campaigns as well as Hero’s Medallions which can be exchanged for a variety of helpful items. These include Enchanting Stones, Marks of Potency, Rough Astral Diamonds, and Companion Upgrade Tokens. Completing the weekly quests will also unlock a Bonus Campaign which players can complete for more campaing-associated currencies.

Learn more about the new Challenge Campaign system on the Neverwinter official site.