Neverwinter Sharandar Episode 2: The Soul Keeper Arrives On PC

neverwinter sharandar episode 2 night hag bannerThe Soul Keeper, the second episode in Neverwinter’s three-part Sharandar expansion, is now live on PC. Following the events of Episode 1: The Iron Tooth, players will continue their adventures in the mystical lands of the Fey as they investigate reports of undead elves and a sinister presence lurking in the Mended Grove.

“The skies of the Mended Grove have grown dark, the stars and a strange moon dominate the usual twilight skies above the canopy. The Iliyanbruen report that their meditations are being disrupted, haunted by walking nightmares. Visitors to New Sharandar seldom sleep well as dark and twisted dreams chase away any chance of a peaceful slumber. Strange specters are often seen, wandering amongst the trees, and the bodies of eladrin long departed once again walk upon the forest floor. There is some sinister power at work beneath the eaves of the grove, and that power has set its sights on New Sharandar.”

Episode 2 introduces adds a whole new adventure zone within the full-rebuilt lands of Sharandar and a new hag to confront in the Night Hag’s Lair. Players can also expect new powers, new companion armor, new heroic encounters, and new Iliyanbruen bounty items.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will get to dive in on May 11. Watch out for news and updates on the next Sharandar episode – The Odious Court. In the meantime, you can check out The Soul Keeper’s official trailer below.