New ArcheAge 4.0 Trailer Revealed at GamesCom

TrionWorlds revealed a new trailer for ArcheAge 4.0 today at Gamescom which shows off new naval combat in the game's new navel arena called Bloodsalt Bay. The 4.0 update will be launching in North America and Europe later this year in Q4 2017 and includes the following:

New 20 Player Naval Battlegrounds

Open-World Raid Finder

Gem System Simplified

Crafting System Updates

ArcheAge originally launched in the West in late 2014 and despite being harshly criticized by many for its labor points system is still quite popular today. The game averages about 750 concurrent people online on Steam alone, with many more off steam on the Glyph launcher.

  • MrGutts

    From the video, I guess folks do not like it.