New Project DH Details Unveiled At Nexon Developers Conference 17

Project DH is an upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered action RPG developed by Mabinogi and Vindictus developer devCAT. It was first unveiled at G-Star 2016, but more details were revealed today at Nexon Developers Conference 17. While we were not able to attend the conference ourselves, fortunately, ThisIsGame has all of the details.

Project DH is set in a steampunk world in which "dragons of other worlds emerge from a huge hole in the air and attack humanity." It will largely revolve around raids, which will be fought on horseback, in which players fight gigantic monsters in a similar nature to that of Monster Hunter. There will also be a hub of sorts in the form of a "converted train."

Dragons will fight players both in the air and on the ground. Players will use weapons known as "cannons," which are the size of a person, to take them down. It is also said that dragons will make use of a variety of tactics, changing them up as necessary to try and catch players off-guard.

Project DH is currently being developed for PC, but there are plans to release the game on mobile devices and consoles, as well. A release window was not noted, but it seems early enough in development that I would hazard a guess that it won't be out for at least another year or two.