New Scarlet Conservatory Raid Is Now Live With The Blade And Soul Scarlet Tears Update

blade and soul scarlet tears dowagers experimentsThe highly-awaited Scarlet Tears update is now live on Blade and Soul servers featuring two new chapters of the Temple of Succession storyline. The story culminates in the new Scarlet Conservatory Raid where players level 60 and up will face off against Dowager’s experiments.

“It turns out the Scarlet Conservatory was merely a staging ground for some of the Dowager’s most horrific experimentations, greater horrors are still lurking about – and you will be challenged to bring them all to an end. Complete these dungeons and a new tier of Legendary Necklace, Mystic Badge, and Soul Shields can be acquired in the raid.”

The update also kicks off the Dragon’s Bounty event where players will get to earn materials to help them upgrade their accessories in preparation for the Scarlet Conservatory Raid. During the event which will run from May 15th to June 19th, players also have the chance of earning a variety of rewards including cosmetic items designed by players themselves: the Reborn Costume Set and the Cryo Phoenix Illusion weapon.

The update also brings with it new Achievements, fixes, and balance changes to a number of classes including the Assassin, Blade Dancer, Destroyer, Force Master, Guardian, Warden, and Warlock. You can browse through a detailed list of changes in the full patch notes found on the Blade and Soul official site. You can also check out the video below for a preview of what Scarlet Tears has to offer.