The New Spellbinder Class Is Coming to Mu Legend In March

Webzen announced today that the newest playable class, the Spellbinder, is coming to Mu Legend this March. The Spellbinder class is a support mage that utilizes psychic powers to throw enemies and control floating swords. They have wide-area crowd control to both daze enemies and help allies. The Spellbinder is the 5th playable class in My Legend and the first new class to be added since the game launched in the West in November, 2017.

Besides the new class, additional content updates are in the works. The game's faction war PvP system has been a big hit since its launch on January 9th, 2018. For those that haven't heard too much about Mu Legend yet, it's a free to play isometric action MMORPG with a persistent world. So think Diablo 3 or Path of Exile style combat, but with a persistent world.