New Twin Saga Patch Adds 5 New Dungeons, Events, New PvP Arena, & More

Twin Saga launched its latest patch today which introduced 5 new dungeons, 6 new quests, a new large pvp battlefield, and a new crossover event today. Twin Saga is a free to play anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend, the same company behind Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia.

The 5 new dungeons are: Blue Crystal Falls (for lvl 75+ characters), Senshi Territory (lvl 60+), Oubliette Labs 78 (lvl 78+), Desert Canyon (lvl 75+), and Secret Flower (lvl 78+). Besides the addition of these new dungeons, the game also added the hard difficulty for Sapphire Keep and Hellfire's Antre and also added Nightmare mode for Necrohol of Azmaveth. Completing dungeons in harder difficulties yields better rewards.

This new patch also introduces the Foreign Gold Desert, a new PvP battlefield available only during specific times. Other new goodies include daily guild quests, a new Senshi point system, as well as new in-game events.

Lastly, the update introduces new Senshis for players to unlock (they're basically pets that give stat bonuses and can help players in combat).

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