New ‘Valguero’ Expansion Map Comes Out Today On ARK: Survival Evolved

ark survival evolved valgueroStudio Wildcard will be rolling out a massive new expansion map later today on ARK: Survival Evolved called Valgero. Valguero is a massive player-made map that secured the top spot in the studio’s Community Modding Contest last year. The free downloadable expansion will not only offer new areas to explore but will also come with a new dinosaur, the vicious Deinonychus.

“Behold the gorgeous 63 square kilometer map offering breathtaking landscapes from the scenic mountain tops, lush rolling valleys, and dark cavernous gorges… Just don’t get lost in all the beauty as new encounters await including titanic boss arena battles, mysterious ruins, unexplored cave networks, and the new, ferociously quick and agile dinosaur, Deinonychus!”

The new boss arena will have dino-tamers go up against three deadly creatures in a Triple Threat Boss Challenge. “[. . .] Players face an epic battle against a Megapithecus, Manticore and Dragon in this heavy-hitting, triple threat encounter!”

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, however, will have to wait until July for the new map and dino. Check out the new content in the Valguero announcement trailer below. You can also head over to the ARK Community Forums for more details.