Nexon Has Announced Its G-Star 2016 Lineup, Peria Chronicles To Be Playable


Nexon's G-Star 2016 lineup has been announced and it seems that the company will be taking quite a few games with it. Hyper Universe, LawBreakers, Moonlight Blade, and Peria Chronicles are all included in the PC lineup, whereas Tree of Savior Mobile Remake, Dragon Nest 2: Legend, Dungeon Fighter Spirit, Fantasy Town, and TalesRunner Revolt are included in the mobile lineup.

A new Unreal Engine 3-powered MMORPG/TCG hybrid called Astellia will also be shown. According to the official website, it will have five classes: Archer, Mage, Rogue, Scholar, and Warrior. Its G-Star page notes that it will largely be based around "the fun of collecting and nurturing." Both a PvP Colosseum and PvE Raids will be available, as well.

According to Peria Chronicles' G-Star page, the highly-anticipated MMORPG won't just be shown at G-Star; it will be playable. I have no doubt that we will be seeing gameplay footage by the time the event is over and I'm rather interested in seeing if the art style has seen any changes.

Interestingly, Nexon did have a mobile LEGO title listed last night, but it the listing has mysteriously vanished since. As part of the announced lineup that actually did have screenshots available, it is quite curious that Nexon would opt to remove it. The screenshots included made it looks like an ARPG/hero collector hybrid of some sort, but it would be hard to tell for sure without a video.

Which game are you looking forward to the most? I'm probably most looking forward to seeing more of Tree of Savior Mobile Remake, but I'm definitely looking forward to more information about Peria Chronicles, as well. Whether or not I am excited for Peria Chronicles after all this time will almost certainly be contingent on what we see at G-Star. I also wouldn't be opposed to getting a Dungeon Fighter Spirit launch date announcement.

Thanks to WatchGintama for the tip. Additional thanks to Milk for the tip about Astellia.