Nexon Releases Detailed Infographics Regarding Durango's Limited Beta


Durango's Limited Beta came to a close on January 16th. We haven't heard anything since then, but today, Nexon released a detailed set of infographics that reveal stats from it.

The Limited Beta saw 684,726 Google Play Store downloads, but only 340,817 players in total. The country with the largest number of players from it was Korea with 187,572 players. Thailand was second with 133,015 players, while the United States was fifth with only 45,136 players.

The average amount of playtime per player was 8 hours, 40 minutes, and 59 seconds. The average amount of playtime per player for the top 50% of players was 16 hours and 49 minutes. That being said, the top three players all played for over 550 hours or approximately 22 days.

During their time online, those players created a total of 13,088 clans that took part in 306 clan wars.

The player with the most kills killed 193 other players, whereas the player with the most revivals saved 127 players.

There were 98,044 islands generated during Limited Beta, which took a total of 1122 CPU cores and 8,762 GB of RAM to service. In total, the world was the size of 200 million mobile screens or 200 times the size of a soccer field.

There were 534,697 trades conducted, during which 351,499,177 in in-game currency traded hands.

A total of 6,393,889 structures were constructed. Of those, 2,343,932 were bonfires.

Players slaughtered 5,520,173 Phenacodus, 2,688,231 Compsognathus, and 1,665,393 Macrauchenia. The top animal slaughterer killed 4,773 animals on their own. On the other hand, the top animal breeder bred 466 animals.

You can find the full set of infographics embedded below.

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