Prehistoric Sandbox Durango: Wild Lands Officially Launches Worldwide On Android And iOS

durango wild lands dinosaur taming sunsetNexon and What! Studio’s highly-anticipated mobile game Durango: Wild Lands has officially launched worldwide. The mobile prehistoric sandbox MMORPG features a massive open-world environment with a variety of islands, environments, and biomes. Oh, and lots and lots of dinosaurs. There’s also crafting, cooking, farming, and building. All the things you look for in a prehistoric mobile game.

“[. . .] Players will explore a vast prehistoric open world ruled by dinosaurs that is full of vibrant, dynamic environments and islands ripe for exploration. Players must use their wits and resources from the land to become pioneers and thrive in this vast and dangerous wilderness.”

“Durango: Wild Lands offers players a huge amount of freedom to explore and grow in an expansive prehistoric game world in the palm of their hands,” says Nexon M General Manager Tommy Lee. “What! Studio has raised the bar for persistent open-world mobile games and we can’t wait to see how players work together and tame this massive, diverse and dangerous land of dinosaurs.”

Durango: Wild Lands is now available on Google Play and the App Store. You can also find out more about the game on the official site.