Nexon Takes Over As TERA Korea's Publisher


Hangame, TERA's Korean publisher, is refocusing on mobile games. As a result, several client-based PC games that they have published, including Devilian, have found their Korean services displaced. There had previously been rumors that Hangame would not be dropping TERA or Kritika, but it seems that at least the former is not so lucky. Fortunately, TERA has found a home in Nexon fairly quickly, as a new teaser page went live within the past 24 hours.

Not much is known about the takeover just yet. A few details are given in a FAQ that has been translated by a generous Reddit user. Hangame is shutting their service down on January 25, 2016. Nexon's service begins the next day, January 26th. Nexon are aiming to have the move to their service completed by July 25, 2016. Players that don't transfer their characters and data by then will find themselves with no option to. Players that apply for a server transfer by the Hangame shutdown date will net themselves 200,000 in-game currency.

In terms of content, Nexon are promising that, under their new management, a new class, flying mounts—said to be available on Nexon launch date—new dungeons, and "regular" new content will be added to the game. "Crossovers with other Nexon IPs" are also confirmed, as are "Net Cafe bonuses." Looking forward, they hope to listen to their players through the use of "proactive management." There will be no changes to the game's business model.

It is said that the change of hands will not be affecting other countries' TERA services for the foreseeable future. There is no word yet about whether or not these updates will come to the West.