Nexon's Q3 2018 Earnings Show Record MapleStory and DFO Numbers

While Dungeon Fighter Online (released 2005) and MapleStory (also 2005) may be oldies, they're still bringing in the big bucks for Nexon. While DFO is already the highest grossing MMORPG in the world, the game had record revenues this quarter with double digit year over year growth. Korean MapleStory on the other hand also had a strong year with 129% growth year over year. Company wide revenues increased 15% year over year coming in at $639M USD for the quarter with the vast majority of it coming from China and South Korea.

Nexon also showed Moonlight Blade in their 'pipeline' page under North America & Rest of the World, meaning that it'll likely be announced for some kind of Western release soon.

North America Remains a Massive Money Loser for Nexon

What I found most interesting in this quarter's earnings report though is just how much money Nexon continues to lose in their North America segment, despite being extremely profitable everywhere else.

From the looks of it the company is losing about $13M USD every single quarter from their North American operations despite growing revenues in the region. Perhaps MapleStory 2 will change the economics for Nexon in the region. I suspect the failure of Lawbreakers and Hyper Universe didn't help.

It doesn't look like Nexon has any plans to abandon North America despite heavy losses though, as they've continued making investments in new games for the region.

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