Niantic’s Ingress Relaunches Today As Ingress Prime

ingress prime launch trailerNiantic, the studio behind Nintendo’s widely-popular mobile game, Pokemon Go, has re-launched their 2012 augmented reality game, Ingress, today as Ingress Prime. The studio announced the reboot December last year.

"We’re here to introduce you to Ingress Prime -- a game that'll take you to interesting places in the world around you. Team up with other Agents in this secret war to control a mysterious substance called XM. It may feel like a game, but it’s deeper than you could imagine."

Ingress Prime features improved graphics and UI as well as a new storyline that changes over time. Existing players will also be happy to know that they’ll get to keep their old accounts and hard-earned ranks.

Niantic has also released a number of videos and trailers to get you up to speed. Check them out below.