No IP Block For Monster Hunter Online's Open Beta


While no Western release date has been announced Monster Hunter Online's Open Beta will be available globally. The game will be playable beginning December 17th. Long-awaited fans will have to make a QQ account, but don't worry we've compiled a guide on how to navigate Tencent's registration—using Moonlight Blade as an example.

Monster Hunter Online is developed exclusively for the Chinese market but has garnered worldwide interest. And it's no surprise. Boasting beautiful graphics run on CryEngine 3 and the chance to slay gigantic creatures with friends appeals to everyone.

Hopefully bilingual fans will develop a translation patch, as was done for Black Desert Online, if Monster Hunter Online remains globally available. For now monolingual players will have to navigate Chinese logograms, but veteran players shouldn't have to struggle.

Head to the official site for more information.