Old School RuneScape Players Overwhelmingly Reject Future Partnership Deals In Polls

Jagex recently ran polls in Old School RuneScape soliciting player feedback on future partnerships similar to their recent Twitch Prime partnership to bring new players into the game. Players overwhelmingly rejected these through in-game voting fearing that they may eventually lead to microtransactions. Given the results, Jagex ended the polls early after 70% of players opposed them and produced a lengthy blogpost outlining their thoughts. While Jagex insisted that any future partnerships won't ever lead to microtransactions, they acknowledged the poll results and promised to respect the wishes of players. They stated "no in-game content for partnerships will be added without a poll".

I'd like to see more games follow Jagex's lead with Old School Runescape and solicit player feedback before any major changes are implemented in their games. It seems to be working quite well for RuneScape as the game is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the West, regularly reaching over 100,000 concurrent players.

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