Oldschool Runescape Does Complete Roll-back In Response to Gold Bug

Shortly after releasing their latest patch Old School Runescape players quickly discovered an enormous bug that allowed players to get billions of gold. There's a bug in the game's most recent patch that broke PvP loot. Killing and looting another player resulted in the maximum amount possible of gold to appear on their body (a little over 2 billion gold). The bug can be seen in action below as Runscape streamer Purpp freaks out after discovering the gold:

To address the economy shattering bug, Jagex simply did a roll back of servers restoring data from a saved state before the most recent patch. Servers are already back online and operational, but this was the first time in the game's history that they had to do a complete roll-back. While players lost some progress, it was the only way to remove the billions of gold added to the game.