Order And Chaos 2 Launches Spring Mega Update Featuring Companions, New Dungeons, And More


Gameloft announced today that their mobile MMORPG Order and Chaos 2: Redemption has received a new update. It's a large enough content update that they are calling it the Spring Mega Update. Included in this update are companions, new dungeons, new cards, new guild features, and various seasonal events.

The first set of Companions has been added. These are pets that will help out in combat when equipped. Their power can be increased by either feeding or evolving them.

Haradon Cards are a new series of cards that can be collected in-game. The cards contain magic that will help increase your combat power. The initial set contains over 80 cards of five different types. Once collected, you can build your own "battle deck" out of them.

Guilds have received a number of new features in this update. Three new types of Guild-specific missions have been added, each rewarding the guild with increases in "rank and power." New Guild Skills can be unlocked for each character. Players can now make donations to their Guild in exchange for rewards. Guilds now have shops that will sell "exclusive gear and items."

Additionally, several other features have made it into this update. Both the Spring Festival and Valentine's Day celebrations are now happening in-game. Official controller support has been added. Replay Kit support has been added exclusively for the iOS version.

You can see some of the new content in action in the video below.