Pagan Online Releases Summer Roadmap Leading Up To Full Release

pagan online blue spell shield bannerAction RPG Pagan Online is slowly inching towards its full retail release. According to developer Mad Head Games, they’re preparing to release three massive patches called BFPs (Big F**king Patches) as they gear up for the game’s transition from Early Access to Full Release.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback since November 2018 when we embarked on this journey together during our closed tests, the Trials. We’re now at a point where we know what the release version of Pagan Online should look like, as well as how long it will take for us to get there.”

The infographic below shows what features will be coming out with the upcoming BFPs:

pagan online summer roadmap

The devs assure players that while some of the features might end up in a different BFP, all three patches will be guaranteed to roll out “by the end of summer” with the third patch marking the game’s official transition to a full release game.

Check out the Pagan Online Steam Community Page for more info.