Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen Character Creation Now Live On Pre-Alpha Servers

pantheon rise of the fallen giganaaUpcoming fantasy MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is well on its way to its next round of Pre-Alpha testing according to the latest newsletter. Visionary Realms has just rolled out their character creation system and opened the servers for initial character creation. Six out of the nine playable races are now available including male and female versions.

The newsletter also talks about the Giants of Terminus, a.k.a. Giganaa, a race of giants that can grow 3-4 times the height of a human. There’s also a Q&A piece with Senior Programmer Jason Weimann. Weimann reveals that the team has been working on crucial features and support for other player classes. “Today that means getting all the cool special ranger functionality into pre-alpha,” said Weimann. “Long term, I’d like to help us redefine what it means to play an MMORPG.”

Check out the full Q&A here. You can also head over to the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen official site to learn more.