Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen Announces Pre-Alpha Shakeout Test Dates

pantheon rise of the fallen swamp bannerVisionary Realms will be holding a Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen pre-pre-alpha test on September 5th through September 6th to make sure that the Pre-Alpha 5 features are bug free before the start of the actual tests.

The pre-alpha “shakeout” will center around the Dire Lord and Shaman classes, quests, the revamped battle system, climbing, and the Perception system. The test itself will be divided into three sessions per day with each alpha players only being allowed to participate in one session per day to minimize server load.

As for the actual Pre-Alpha 5 tests, the developers are promising more content, classes, and features with longer test sessions. A start date, however, has yet to be announced. Head over to the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen official site for more info.