Paradox Interactive Opens Mobile Studio In Malmö, Sweden

While any sort of MMO development is as-yet unconfirmed, Paradox Interactive announced today that it has opened a new studio in Malmö, Sweden that will focus on the development of mobile games. The studio will employ a "small team of experienced developers" with the overall goal of "bringing mobile gamers the kind of deep, challenging experiences the world has come to expect from Paradox."

Paradox Interactive SVP of Innovation and Mobile Kim Nordström had the following to say about the announcement.

Paradox is committed to exploring new territory in mobile game development, and I’m eager to lead that charge. Our plan is to bring the iconic Paradox style to mobile players across a broad catalog of titles. To achieve that, it’s important that we bring aboard the right people – people capable of delivering the kind of hardcore strategic titles we’re known for on PC. Games like Prison Architect: Mobile are just the beginning!

Paradox Interactive COO Susana Meza Graham also provided a statement.

We chose Malmö because it has such a vibrant development community, and we know there’s plenty of talent to be found here. In the coming months we are looking to add several new members to the team, both in Malmö and the mobile publishing team in Stockholm.

As the studio has just opened, Paradox is looking for people to join the new mobile development team. You can find a full set of job listings here.