Path Of Exile: Betrayal Expansion Announced, Release Set For Dec 7

path of exile ps4 announce

It has been a productive year for Grinding Gear Games and their free to play action-RPG Path of Exile. In May, Tencent took a majority stake of 80% in the New Zealand based studio. We've also seen three leagues so far: The Bestiary, Incursion, and current Delve league. GGG has decided to round out the year by bringing the unique features from all 3 of these leagues back as part of the Betrayal expansion which is set to launch on December 7.

In Betrayal, the Bestiary, Incursion, and Delve features will each be accessible via NPC 'masters', with these new masters replacing the existing ones (besides the map master Zana who will remain) who have been around since 2014. Player housing (the hideout) will also get a much needed upgrade with the Betrayal expansion.

The new expansion isn't just a consolidation of the year's new content. A new gameplay feature tasks players with investigating a criminal cartel called the Immortal Syndicate. By interrogating, killing, and otherwise cajoling Syndicate members, players will eventually gather enough information to unlock safehouses which act as boss encounters. The trailer reveals little about how this system will actually play out, but combined with the Bestiary, Incursion, and Delve features it sure makes for an impressive free expansion! Oh, and player housing will finally be persistent across leagues so players won't have to start from scratch each and every league. Hideouts can be saved as templates which can be swapped between. These templates can even be traded between players! A very welcome change for those who have largely ignored expanding and decorating our hideouts precisely because of the wipes every 3 months.

Path of Exile will also be coming to PlayStation 4 in December and will be current with the PC version!

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