Pearl Abyss Revenues Are Up For Q4 2019, CCP Games Cancels Project Nova

pearl abyss bdo logo bannerPearl Abyss reports an increase in their year over year revenues for Q4 2019. The South Korean gaming company’s quarterly investor report shows an 11% decrease in revenues compared to Q3 2019 but a 20% jump compared to Q3 2018. The increased revenues are largely due to Black Desert Online and EVE Online making more money compared to last year. BDO’s revenues increased by 15% this year while EVE reported a 13% increase.

Meanwhile, Pearl Abyss-owned CCP Games’ EVE Online spin-off, Project Nova, has officially been canceled according to Game Director Snorri Arnason. The game was indefinitely suspended back in November 2018 because CCP games felt that the game “does not live up to our original vision and would not achieve our ambitious goals for this project,” The studio, however, revealed that their London studio is now working on a new shooter on the Dust 514 Discord channel.

“We are evolving the scope of Nova beyond our previous plans for early access, and the development will continue in our London studio," said Arnason. “I am personally optimistic about this, but also wistful that also means that the Project Nova codename is retired and the London team will find a new one. [. . .] This is not a fiscal decision, the London team had been working on very interesting ideas and concepts, and adding them to a shooter sounds very promising (to me).”