Perfect World International Launches Redemption Expansion

Perfect World launched its latest expansion today titled 'Redemption'. It introduces new zones, a 6th Boundary tier, a Dungeon Bestiary, Sacred Realm Phantom mini-bosses, some graphical updates, and more.

PWI’s North American launch was the first project the Perfect World Entertainment team worked on after the company’s creation, so it holds a special place for our team,” said Yoon Im, senior vice president of game publishing at Perfect World Entertainment. “Over the last decade, millions of players have enjoyed PWI’s magical world, sharing experiences, sieging dungeons and showcasing their favorite mounts. Ten years is a significant milestone for an MMO and we are honored to have the support of our fans for so long.”

Perfect World is also celebrating it's 10th anniversary this month with various in game events and festivities. The game originally launched in North America back in September 2008, and helped popularize free to play games in the West. Check out the 10 year anniversary infographic the game released: