Perfect World Mobile Has Officially Launched Into Open Beta In North America

perfect world mobile cleric banner

After months and months of waiting, Perfect World Mobile is finally in open beta on iOS and Android. North American players can now journey to a magical realm inhabited by gods, immortals, demons, and other mythical creatures based on ancient XianXia Chinese folklore.

"Perfect World has made its grand return! This new installment restores the beautiful scenery and rich class choices that made the original game famous. Gather your friends and raise an adventure in the iconic seamless world that has been overhauled to reach an unprecedented fidelity. The bonds between you and your fellow challengers have never been so strong thanks to improved mentoring, marriage, guild and party systems. It's about time to unite and fight for glory in this brand new world forged with next-gen graphics. The vast skies, the endless lands and the mysterious oceans are all yours to explore. Find your Perfect World here!"

Check out the official launch trailer below.