Peria Chronicles Footage From G-Star 2016 Surfaces


G-Star 2016 has begun and Korean news outlets have begun posting all manner of videos of the Peria Chronicles G-Star 2016 demo. Steparu has collected a few of those videos, which come from Inven and ThisIsGame. The videos give us our first look at raw footage of combat, terraforming, and more.

According to ThisIsGame, combat is carried out by summoning Kirana, the equivalent of card-based summons, from your library, the equivalent of your deck, one at a time. A Kirana can stay summoned until it has done what you need it to or its health has been depleted. Certain Kirana will be better in certain situations and players will need to summon the right Kirana at the right time in order to do well in combat. Moreover, the continued summoning of Kirana will take careful management of mana, as players will need to discard Kirana that they have available in order to gain more mana. Therefore, players must decide which Kirana should be summoned and which should be sacrificed in order to summon others. It should also be noted that the player character can attack, but it seems that combat primarily revolves around the use of Kirana.

Terraforming is also possible through the use of a Kirana that has the ability to terraform, but it is noted that it is unclear what restrictions will be placed on terraforming, such as relegating it to certain areas or putting a long cooldown on terraforming actions.

You can find an assortment of Peria Chronicles gameplay videos from G-Star 2016 embedded below.

Thanks to Metals, Riceyz, and Yuen for the tip!