Peria Chronicles Interview Reveals It's Best Compared To Minecraft


In an interview with Korean media site ThisIsGame (TIG) the Peria Chronicles team revealed a number of interesting facts, including the notion that their game is best compared to Minecraft. Not what I expected. has a cleaned up version of the interview if you aren't a fan of Google Translate.

Or, if you prefer a glance, here are the points that resonate:

  • Peria Chronicles is nothing like Mabinogi. Former Mabinogi players, you will have to wait.
  • The user interface is fully customizable, but you'll have to collect UI "props" from mobs to customize it. You can even trade UI parts with other players.
  • Much of the game's content is created by players:
  • Combat is not the game's focus.
  • Instances are player-created.

Peria Chronicles will focus more on bringing a community together that wants to shape a shared world, create a village, and economy. It's nothing like what I expected. What I thought would end up being a typical MMORPG with anime-infused graphics is turning into its own sandbox novelty.

Whether or not that novelty fits with what players want from Peria Chronicles is another question.