Popori Brawlers Drop Into TERA With The ‘Skywatch: Call To Arms’ Update

tera popori brawler bannerThe male Popori Brawler has officially joined the list of playable race/classes in TERA as the Skywatch: Call to Arms update hits the live servers. Don’t be fooled by the Popori Brawler’s cuteness though, like their bigger counterparts, these adorable little brawlers pack quite a punch. The Popori Brawler’s debut also kick starts a month-long leveling event. Players who hit level 65 by July 9th will be rewarded with the premium Kitten Hittin’ Mittens weapon skin.

tera popori brawler kitten hittin mittens

The update also introduces the new Treasure Map system. Map fragments will now drop from high level dungeons. Combine the two halves to view Naslow’s Treasure Map which will point to hidden chests and loot all across the game world. In addition, the update also features the new Gossamer Vault (Hard) dungeon and the return of the updated Macellarius Catacombs dungeon.

And lastly, the citizens of Arborea are gearing up to celebrate this year’s Summer Festival. The two-month long festival begins on June 20th but the Blood on the Beach event is already in full swing to help clear the beach of baddies before the festivities start.

The update also comes with a few balance changes, UI improvements, and item changes. Check out the full patch notes for a full rundown of the changes.