PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Being Played More Than League Of Legends In Korean PC Cafes

playerunknowns battlegrounds pubg road crossingPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been breaking records and milestones left and right since it’s Steam Early Access launch in March. Apparently, PUBG is also a big hit in Korea, surpassing League of Legends and Overwatch as the most played competitive game in Korean internet cafes.

According to VG247 (via Inven and Gametrics), PUBG is dominating the Korean PC bangs scene at 24.28%, followed by League of Legends at 23.62%, and Overwatch coming in at 13.73%. VG247 says that this is a normal trend for new competitive games and that Overwatch also passed League of Legends a month after the game came out in May 2016. Whether PUBG follows the same trend remains to be seen, especially Bluehole announced that this week's patch will be the last one until the game's official release.