PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Rolls Out A New Patch; Addresses FPS Drops

pubg aviator itemsYou probably haven’t noticed but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just rolled out an update earlier this week. The relatively small update was mostly bug fixes and minor balance changes meant as a follow up to the larger Update 12 which came out earlier this month. There’s also a new Customization tab for gear, parachute skins, and the new Aviator Crate.

The team has also heard your cries, curses, and feedback about the game’s overall performance and are hard at work trying to address the issue. “Addressing FPS drops is our top priority, and we hope to have more updates to address performance improvements soon,” says the devs. “For now, the team will be trying out fixes throughout this patch cycle. Thanks for staying patient with us in the meantime.”

If you’re a PUBG Mobile fan, the game has hit 10 million active daily users today and is the 16th most downloaded app. You can also watch an overview of the Mobile Patch 0.5.0 in the video below. If you’re more of a PC guy (or gal) you’ll find the full patch notes on the PUBG Steam Community Page.