PUBG Update 21 Adds A Training Mode, A New Weapon And Vehicle, And A New Reward System

pubg training mode target

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just received a major update which includes one of the most-awaited features in the game. Update 21 introduces the highly-requested Training Mode. In the new Training Mode, players can test out the entire arsenal of PUBG weapons and vehicles without fear of getting killed.

Oddly enough, the Training Mode requires a minimum of five players to enter so it’s still technically a multiplayer game minus the hazards of a regular PUBG match. Up to a maximum of 20 players can join the session which lasts for 30 minutes. Not really sure what the devs had in mind when they put in all these unnecessary rules, but at least we still get a Training Mode.

Aside from the new Training Mode, Update 21 also brings with it a new weapon and a new Sanhok vehicle: the MK47 Mutant assault rifle and the Tukshai. In addition, the update also implements the new supply system which rewards players with supply crates based on completed mission and time spent playing the game.

pubg mk47 mutant

pubg tukshai sanok

There’s also numerous bug fixes, tweaks, balances, and quality of life improvements. You’ll find the full list of changes in the full patch notes on the PUBG Steam Community Page. You can also check out the new Training Mode in the feature video after the break.