Ragnarok Mobile's Pre-OBT Begins A Day Early


The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived, for you see, Ragnarok Mobile's Pre-OBT has begun. "Wasn't that supposed to be tomorrow?" you ask. Indeed, it was, but it seems that Xindong was rather excited about opening the game up to everyone and released it a day early.

For those of you that are unaware, Ragnarok Mobile is a faithful recreation of the original Ragnarok Online for mobile devices. It features sleek new graphics, social features like following in which you grab another character's hand and let them lead you around, and a number of usability improvements.

Those that are interested can download the Android version of the game via TapTap. The download process should be should be fairly simple, but we will have a guide up within the next few days for your convenience. Unfortunately for iOS users, the iOS version of the game is currently only available through the Chinese App Store, which is difficult to register for if you're a foreigner.

If you do plan on downloading the game, be forewarned that you may have issues connecting if you aren't connected to wi-fi. Even though I'm in an area where I have 4G cell service, I had to connect to my wi-fi network to get past disconnects at login.

Are you planning to try out Ragnarok Mobile?

  • LAMBDA471

    I'll hold off until a version in English appears, this looks like an awesome phone game.

  • Perry Lee

    I woulda liked for them to make this a PC game and a true RO1 sequel. Like why wasnt this RO2 -_- come on now.

    • Can always hope for this to come out on steam. I mean steam is filled with mobile games these days.

    • Best we can hope for is a PC port. Fact is there are way more mobile gamers these days so that's the platform that comes first for devs.

  • Aulia Urfan

    Wooah this look good! Just like RO with modern graphics. Tell me if there's an english version of this

    • Im hoping it launches in the West. I think it will