Ragnarok Online Europe Update Brings Wars Of Emperium And Super Novice Class

Ragnarok Online re-opened in Europe this September with a new ruleset called Revo-Classic which mixes classic RO features with more modern mechanics. Today, the latest update is adding the much anticipated Wars of Emperium Guild vs Guild feature and the Super Novice class.

Wars of Emperium (WoE) are large scale guild vs guild battles for control over various castles scattered across 4 locations with 5 castles in each. Control over a castle grants the victorious guild access to daily treasure chests and to special Guild Dungeons that contain powerful enemies. Every week during set hours, opposing guilds can contest control over these castles and try to take them over. Success in Wars of Emperium battles requires a high degree of coordination and strategic gameplay.

WoE Times:
Wednesday: 20:00-22:00 CET
Sunday: 18:00-20:00 CET

Today's update also adds the Super Novice class, a quirky option for players who don't want to job change to normal 1st job choices like Swordman, Archer or Thief. The Super Novice class has access to a large variety of skills, but suffers from low HP/SP just like a regular Novice. They are also restricted to equipment only a regular Novice can wear.

Players can get all the details regarding the new patch on the official site.

4Game, the European publisher of Ragnarok Online also hosts the EU version of Lineage 2 and RF Online.

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