RaiderZ, Originally Shut Down, Is Coming Back with Masangsoft Taking Over

RaiderZ, as you may recall, was shutdown. Rumor had it that MAIET, the developers of RaiderZ, went bankrupt. Pack it up, time to go home.

That is, until, Masangsoft has announced via the RaiderZ Facebook page, that is taking over the MMORPG, and has been "Carefully exploring the potential of the game." Citing the passion of the players, it is that reason that RaiderZ will be attempting to make a comeback.

Masangsoft also realizes that RaiderZ is an old game, and they cryptically say that they are looking into things that need fixing. Despite it being old, they hope the interest and affection of users is invaluable and important in continuing development of RaiderZ.

"We can’t say how much more time we need to reinvent this game. What’s certain is that we’ll try to provide better and better experiences for many people who look forward to this game. Sooner or later, you’ll hear another news about the beginning of our development.
Thank you very much."

Some personal thoughts

RaiderZ is one of those games that was never particularly big or grand. However, it didn't have to be. The goal of every company is to make money and continue existing, but with gaming companies particularly, the smaller ones can often rely on the tight-knit communities that form around a game. I wish Masangsoft luck, as nostalgia alone is not enough to bring a game back from the dead in 2017.