Red Dead Online: Take On Undead Hordes In The New Dead Of Night Halloween Mode

red dead online dead of night bannerCelebrate Halloween by taking on hordes of zombies in the new Red Dead Online Dead of Night mode. The new mode is now live and will have four teams of players fighting the undead and each other to score as many points as possible. Two new legendary panthers, named Nightmare and Ghost, will also be prowling the Wild West. Bring in each of their pelts to Gus to get a hefty cash reward along with exclusive cosmetics.

“A pair of apex predators are said to be making their home in local swamps, eluding even the most skilled of local hunters. The spotted Nightwalker Panther blends in with its surrounding vegetation in the mist and shadows of dusk near Bolger Glade; the albino Ghost Panther, meanwhile, has been seen hunting deer in Bluewater Marsh and the surrounding areas.”

There’s also a new Halloween-themed pass with various rewards up for grabs including emotes, photo studio backdrops, gothic Moonshine Bar decorations, and more. Various in-game vendors will also be offering discounts on their wares for the duration of the event, which runs from now until November 16th. You’ll find the Halloween Pass overview trailer below. You can also drop by the Rockstar Games News Page for more info.