Red Stone Launches Update - Includes Balance Changes, New PvP System, and More

The free to play 2D isometric MMORPG Red Stone Online from South Korean game developer L&K Logic rolled out a major update today for its global service which includes 5 major balance changes, a new 1v1 PvP system with matchmaking, a tutorial rework, and more. Other changes include small quality of life improvements like updated quest information and UI tweaks. Despite originally launching in 2003, Red Stone still gets updated regularly and maintains a small but dedicated audience.

While many haven't heard of Red Stone, it's an isometric MMORPG similar to games like Diablo, except with a persistent open world or Record of Lodoss War Online. The game features over a dozen playable classes with an extremely high level cap of 900+ with numerous job changes and a rebirth system.

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