Rend's Environments Get Progressively More Hellish As You Explore

In a new blog post that was posted yesterday, Rend developer Frostkeep Studios detailed some of the environments that players will encounter in the game. Players will start out in the idyllic Valley environment and make their way through increasingly hellish landscapes from there. They can head towards the World Tree, which is located in the Center, the game's "first truly contested zone." If they travel underneath the World Tree, they will find a portal that sends them to the caves.

The caves are dark enough that players will need to bring their own source of light. Despite there being lava in the environment, they will also get colder as players travel further into it. Once they reach the bottom of the caves, players will find a portal that takes them to the Eternal Wastes.

The Eternal Wastes are a "hellscape" that is characterized by a blizzard that keeps players from seeing more than 15 feet in front of them. As they walk through it, they will slowly freeze to death, so they have to be quick. However, the rewards are great, should they find them.

You can read more of each of these environments in the blog post.