Revelation Online Announces Server Mergers

Earlier today announced a variety of server changes for their free to play MMORPG Revelation Online. While the official post is titled 'Server Merge', the story is actually far more optimistic than the headline makes it sound. correctly predicts that the planned launch of French and German language servers will likely hive away players from the existing English language servers. To compensate for this migration, four existing servers will be merged by June 14th:

  • EU: Corral will be merged into Moonsea.
  • EU: Eventide will be merged into Tidewater.
  • NA: Muroc will be merged into Darkfall.
  • NA: Tusenwood will be merged into Snowpine.

A new North American server titled Divine Overlook will also be released. This is to give old and new players alike a chance to start fresh. All told, these server mergers/launches will only see a net effect of 1 server lost. That's hardly the catastrophic event that many on reddit are making it out to be without even bothering to read the official post.

It should also be noted that states they have made huge improvements to their server infrastructure and that each server can now host many more players than they originally could. If that's the case, I hope we see further mergers as fewer, larger servers create a more vibrant and lively environment for everyone.

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