Revelation Online Gets A Chinese Zodiac-Inspired Endgame Dungeon With The Upcoming Heaven And Earth Update

revelation online temple of the twelveA hefty heavenly update is coming to Revelation Online with the upcoming Heaven and Earth patch. The update rolls out on May 27th bringing with it a new 5-man endgame raid called Temple of the Twelve.

“The 12 Zodiac Bosses can be challenged from level 59 onwards, meaning you can get started early in your quest to beat them. (Or to gain Battle Companions and items!) You will not be put against a level 79 boss if you are not level 79, the dungeon scales to level. Get your party together for some awesome encounters. This raid is specifically for a 5-person party! Once inside, speak to the Spirit Minister in each hall. This NPC will allow you to fight the bosses. The bosses you face will be at random, so you will never know who you’re about to fight!”

The new dungeon is inspired by the Chinese Zodiac and is split into three levels and difficulties: Hall 1 (Easy), Hall 2 (Hard), and Hall 3 (Expert). Players will face off against either the Rat Zodiac boss, the Tiger, the Rabbit, or the Ox in Hall 1, the Dragon, Snake, Horse, or Goat in Hall 2, and the Monkey, Rooster,or the Dog and Pig Zodiac Duo in Hall 3. Challenging these new bosses, however, is limited to three bosses per hall per week. That’s still nine possible boss fights per week where you’ll get the chance to earn new rewards including Zodiac accessories and apparel, gear, Zodiac Battle Companions, and Battle Companion Consumables.

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